Abandoned couch in a field

Heading out for donuts this morning, I came across this scene. Unfortunately, abandoned furniture in this field isn’t too uncommon. I’d been looking at this scene for days and finally went back with my camera to capture the image.

Flags at military cemetery graves

Remembering our military on Memorial Day

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend and take time to remember a member of the military and thank a member of the military.

By Kathy M. Winter for Kathy Captures Life

Catching a glimpse of myself during a recent photowalk in downtown Tampa.


The Mayor’s River O’Green Fest took place today in downtown Tampa.  I don’t know exactly who this gentleman is, but he was the master of ceremonies and was happy to pose for me.


It started out small, with one boat and an interesting hue of green dye…

And an enthusiastic crowd gathering along the river….


Then the fire department got involved and completed the greening process ….

A Night at Lowry Park Zoo

A Night at the Zoo

With more seasonable weather, it was a pleasant night to venture out to Lowry Park Zoo for DinoQuest 2. DinoQuest is an exhibit area featuring 22 animatronic dinosaurs, complete with sounds. The exhibit is open on select nights and, I have to say, it’s pretty cool visiting at night. Outside the exhibit, there is an interactive area for the kids featuring a Dino inflatable slide, bouncy house for the little ones, and an archeology dig.

Lowry Park Zoo was again rated #1 Zoo by Parents magazine. It’s nice to see a local place receiving recognition.

Animatronic Dinosaur at Dino Nights at Lowry Park Zoo

Dino Nights at Lowry Park Zoo

Two Girls Walking by Kathy M. Winter

Two Girls Walking

Something different has been in the air for 2 days now…really cold weather in Tampa. I ventured out into the blustery, raw outdoors today to see an art show downtown. I admit that I could have used a few more layers and maybe even a scarf to face the elements. I also admit to wishing I had the furry hats and fuzzy boots these ladies donned for their walk along the river front.

Good Day Sunshine

Good Day Sunshine by Kathy Winter for Kathy Captures Life

Good Day Sunshine

My, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Happy 2013!!

While it’s pretty cold in most of the country, our little part of the world is enjoying more spring-like weather after a short cold snap.

It’s Spirit Week at school and one of the week’s themes is “Decade Day.” While I was hoping she’d choose 80s, she went 60s. I think she makes a pretty flower child.

Peace and Love, everyone!



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