Laugh Louder, Live Longer


These two little girls have known each other for half their lives. Though they now attend different schools and live across town from each other, we try to get them together for play dates when we can. They pick right up where they left off…as if they’ve never been apart. Aren’t kids great that way?

About the photo: I think this is my current favorite photo of my little girl. I know I broke “‘the rules” by bringing focus to the background instead of the foreground, but I think that’s what makes it so interesting to me. I love that it captures both sugar and spice.

© Kathy M. Winter. No content, whole or in part, may be used without written permission.


One thought on “Laugh Louder, Live Longer

  1. We heart you too! We love this pic too Kathy and Tess!
    I guess we are due for another playdate at the park.. now if it wasn’t 105 heat index! Maybe the fountain would be better!

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