Fun with Lensbaby and Photoshop

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Lensbaby Still Life by Kathy M. Winter for Kathy Captures Life

Lensbaby Still Life

Lensbaby Still Life with Paint Daubs by Kathy M. Winter

Lensbaby Still Life with Paint Daubs

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with our local camera club at a lighting seminar. During the seminar we were able to put our hands on some Lensbaby Composers and a few filters.

I love Lensbaby (in the “about me” section of this blog you’ll notice it’s on my wish list).  Lensbaby is an optic system that allows photographers to be a little more creative in-camera, as opposed to creating effects in Photoshop or other software.  They’re just plain fun and addictive. There are several different optics to choose from and I want them all.

I chose to shoot a still life someone set up by a large window. In the first shot, it’s just the Composer with a soft focus filter. In the second shot, I did a little post-processing in Photoshop: first boosting saturation and vibrance, then I added the “Paint Daubs” filter. Click on each image for a larger view.

Just my idea of having some fun on a Saturday afternoon!


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