Happy Halloween!

photography, Tampa


Abandoned 2010 edit

Happy Halloween

109mm, f5.6, ISO 125, 1/50th sec

I  took this photo last year at the cemetery across the street from my house. Yes, I really live across from a cemetery…it was a selling point for my husband. As for me, I could do without the daily reminders of my mortality. I guess you could say that our neighbors are really quiet and that we won’t have to worry about a McMansion going up over there. But I digress…

I came across these abandoned decorations exactly as you see them. No staging (Not that I’m opposed to staging; I just want to point out that the scene was untouched.)

Happy Halloween, my friends.


A New Member of the Family



Amber by Kathy M. Winter for Kathy Captures Life



100 mm f/5.6, ISO 400 (lens: Canon 28-135)

This is Amber, the newest member of our family.  We didn’t really expect to bring in another member of the family so soon, but when my husband and daughter went visiting shelters, I sort of expected it.

It took weeks of coaxing her out of closets and from under furniture, but she’s finally gotten used to us. I appear to be her favorite…probably because I was the one doing the most coaxing. Hubby was fine with letting her acclimate on her own and my daughter was suddenly shy with her.  This photo was taken the first time I saw her on the bed instead of under it.

She is now the most cooperative member of the family when it comes to me taking photos.

Thank goodness for Amber.