Photowalk with a Friend

architecture, photography, Tampa


Iron Door featuring image of Abraham Lincoln

Bank Door 2011



Recently, I had the pleasure to re-connect with a talented freelance photographer, Debbie Winchester, while she was in Florida for a few days. We decided to go around downtown Tampa with our cameras for a few hours.  We had a great time chatting and taking photographs around the University of Tampa and the downtown area.

Late in our walk, we ended up by a bank I had never noticed before. It was a weekend, so the bank was closed and the iron security doors were pulled out. The doors, adorned with images of coins and presidents appearing on U.S. currency, were so cool (and so appropriate for a bank).

I took several images and came up with one or two I liked.  Had a car not been parked directly in front of the bank, I might have made a full image of the doors.



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