A New Tradition

Bible and Rosary

Bible and Rosary

My daughter just received First Communion over the weekend.  This is a very big deal in our Roman Catholic household. It was both a happy and sad day for me. Happy, because my daughter was taking another big step in growing up. But, a little sad because my and my husband’s parents are no longer alive to share the big day (yes, I know everyone was with her in spirit…)

This photo means a lot to me. This is my daughter holding her great-grandmother Florrie’s Communion Bible (with an inscription from her mother dated May 11, 1913) and a rosary made by my mother.  The Bible wasn’t in my possession until my teens. Now that it is, I’m hoping Tess will pass on the Bible and rosary to her children, starting a new tradition in the family.

Small treasures connecting us to the past.

What traditions and heirlooms do you hope to pass on to your family?


This is also my submission for the Photo Heart Connection for May because of its strong connection to past, present and future.