Roaring Fork (Gatlinburg, TN)

Family, photography
Roaring Fork

Along the Roaring Fork Nature Drive

Recently,  our family went on our first out-of-state vacation to Gatlinburg, TN. A week of waking up to mountain views, scenic drives, nature walks, train rides and relaxation. In some areas of the Smoky Mountains National Park there is no cell service (bonus!). No reason to check e-mail from the office or monitor social media!  Taking time to unplug once in a while is highly recommended.

If you’re not into hiking, there are many scenic drives so you can connect with nature from a safe distance, in the air-conditioned comfort of your car. This photo was taken along Roaring Fork, just outside of Gatlinburg. The drive winds through narrow roads and offers great scenery and even a glimpse of wildlife. A few minutes after this photo was taken, we spotted a young Black Bear (we were in our car by then, thank goodness).

Someday, if we can retire, the Smoky Mountains area of NC and TN will be our home. Until then, we have our photos and memories.




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